Introducing Polywarp: a free minimal game about rhythm and geometry for iOS/Android

I’ve had some downtime recently so challenged myself to make a mobile game in four weeks. This meant working to my strengths (code, music, procedural generation, UI) and avoiding my weaknesses (modelling, texturing, animation). It also meant I had to be very strict on the scope of the game, which ruled out pretty much all genres except arcade/action, and meant I had to avoid complex features like multiplayer and localization (although I may add the latter if it gains popularity).

I prototyped some ideas in Unity, and zoned in on using 2D flat-shaded polygons to create a singleplayer rhythm/timing game. For metagame progression, added unlockable psychedelic colour schemes since this required no further art (aside from picking the colours). I spent a few days hunting around online for some good quality electronica/IDM/glitch and licensed a track for each of the five stages. Nerds may be amused to know I referred to the xkcd color survey to pick colours.

Anyway, after several weeks of coding and a brief alpha test with friends, the end result is Polywarp, a minimal music game about rhythm and geometry, as seen in the trailer above. I didn’t quite make the deadline (it took just over 6 weeks), but I’m very happy to announce it’s available to play for free now on iOS and Android:

Download on the App StoreGet it on Google Play

You can find out more on the Polywarp project page. Don’t forget to leave a review if you check it out, thanks! :)

Space Dust Racing – Gameplay Video – September 2014

The latest gameplay footage for Space Dust Racing is here! This video represents four months of Space Dust Studios‘ development time, and shows 6 players over 5 physical locations battling for supremacy in Clawtopia.

About Space Dust Racing

Space Dust Racing is a work-in-progress vehicular combat party game for up to 16 players, supporting local and online multiplayer. Cartoon competitors race on exotic planets, using weapon powerups to knock each other out and score points. Those that fall behind are eliminated until one survivor remains. Rounds repeat until a winner prevails!

This entry was originally posted on the Space Dust Studios developer blog.

Welcome to my ugly nerd blog

Hey there and welcome to my ugly nerd blog. I’m a senior software engineer and co-founder of Melbourne video game developer Space Dust Studios. I’ll be posting infrequently about whatever I’m up to in the world of software engineering, video games, music, and whatever else tickles my fancy.

To kick things off, here’s a first-look at Space Dust Racing, the latest video game I’m working on: